We have a dazzling array of new stones this month as well as re-stocks of old favourites

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This month I continue with my huge restock - I've got some exciting new stones I've never stocked before, like freeform specularite and lapis lazuli, as well as new labradorite rose cut ovals and pears and creatively designed new beads. 

I've also got  old favourites, like AAA rainbow moonstone, milky aquamarine and chrysoprase rose cuts

This month's offer is a standard class free-ship. Coupon code is M18FS1 and you can use it multiple times, see section below for details.

In other news, my big job for this month is a massive stock-take of everything we have. It's long overdue, as those of you who have ever bought something that I haven't had in stock will know, and at the end of it I'm anticipating having another major destash sale!  And a long holiday!

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This is absolutely gorgeous. Big, chunky freeform shapes in this fascinating material. As you see from the description, specularite is a form of haematite, characterised by a splintery, silvery appearance, and a metallic sheen. It is actually magnetic as well, this material. As with the lapis, these stones are drilled, but these ones through the top across the width. But again, I think they are best used individually and set in a window setting. They are big stones - look at the size and weight - so they are going to make some really fantastic focals.


I've never sold lapis lazuli before. No particular reason, just never got round to it. But I've just succumbed to these absolutely gorgeous freesize oval matte stones. They are beads, in that they are drilled through the length. But I saw them set in a window setting or even, at a push, a bezel, as they have only a slight curve on the top and bottom. Now these are big stones - look at the size - so they are going to make some fab focals.

Click here for a free standard ship for May. You can use the coupon code as many times as you like.

Expires on 31st May 2018 EST, only available for standard shipping options, not express. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Another bunch of beauties that I have not had in stock for a while. The clear aqua is perfectly clean and beautiful; the milky is silky and transcluent (and not filled with cracks and fractures). And it's at a lower price too!


I've got 4mm rose cut back in stock plus new 6x4mm rose cut ovals and pears and 6x8mm rose cut ovals to go with the 6x8mm pears listed last month. I am now really well stocked with labradorite!


Every so often I find that I've run out of stones so popular and so everyday that I can't quite believe it. Such has been the case with peridot rose cut 5mm rounds and almandine and white topaz rose cut 6mm round. I mean the white topaz is one of my all-time best sellers! Anyway they are back in stock again - and look, I've made the Italian flag - please select below. 


I've got 3mm and 4mm - the 3mm are new, new new! Actually on a request from a customer, and I think they're going to be popular. The 4mm I've been out of stock for a while, so I'm glad to have these back in stock. Both are  gorgeous translucent material, vibrant green, gorgeous!

Rose Quartz Lily Beads

Lovely soft pink translucent material, these are going to look great with pearls or any soft, summer shades

$1.40 per bead
Mother of Pearl Lily Beads

These are gorgeous, shimmering lilies, every bead with good lustre. Due to the nature of the material, these beads are flatter than the other lily beads I have

$1.15 per bead

These are new in stock; gorgeous aquamarine in nuggets and ovals, lovely, lustrous mother of pearl, fascinating chevron amethyst, my absolute fave, montana moss agate flat coins and gorgeous 'map of the world' chrysocolla. Take your pick!


I've had a lot of questions about this and I really must apologise for not explaining the issues around accounts better. When I changed the platform, it was a case of not really knowing what was going to happen until it happened, so here is the information:

I was not able to transfer customer accounts from my old website to my new one. This means that you will have to set up a new account with a new password on the new website. This is the case for all customers using the site from end of March onwwards.

The loyalty scheme is on a separate programme and this I was able to transfer over, so you will find all of your loyalty points intact. You can use your old points scheme login and it should work fine, and the new site is picking up points correctly. I have an independent  record of all loyalty points, so if you feel that your balance is incorrect, please let me know.