Destash ends this month, plus we have a lovely little selection of new pendants and restocks.

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August is normally a quiet month and I have just a few new things to show you: some swiss blue topaz restocks, some amethyst chevron pendants and some sapphire cabochons. This month there is a double loyalty points offer, so you get double loyalty points for shopping, referring and sharing!

This is the final month of my destash sale, and everything in the sale is on an extra 15% off. You can use the code or click the button to have the discount automatically applied to your cart. The sale will be closing on August 31st at midnight GMT.

For more information about any of these stories, please check out my blog


My destash sale is now into its final month and as a final flourish, you can have an extra 15% off all sale items. Use code FINALSALE or click the button to have the discount automatically applied to your order. It will show in your cart at checkout. There's still plenty of gorgeous things to pick up and with the extra discount it's got to be irresistable!

Blue Sapphire Cabochon 2mm Round

So many people have asked me for these, so I am really happy to have them in stock finally. Lovely material, transparent and good saturation even with the tiny size. 


I've just got a few of these lovely chevron amethyst pendants; individual and eye-catching. I often get asked for top drilled beads, so here you are.

Sky Blue Topaz Rose Cut Cabochon 5mm Round

Gorgeous delicate light blue topaz - 5mm rose cut rounds, and I'm pleased to announce that the price on these has dropped. Use them as an aquamarine substitute, or in their own right. They are fantastic with white metal and as they are topaz, the polish is fantastic.


I've just got one strand of these gorgeous mookaite beads. A graduated strand of square rondelles in a variety of colours and patterns, and you know they're nice quality because they come individually knotted on a 16 inch strand. Hurry, these are not going to hang around!

Double Reward Points This Month!

This month it's all double points, so if you don't have an account, why not sign up? You'll get 1000 diamond points for opening an account and then 2 diamond points for every dollar you spend. You'll get 400 points on your birthday (if we have that info, and if it's this month!) and then 50 each for following and sharing us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus if you refer a friend, you get 200 points and they get a 15% discount coupon. You can exchange points for spending coupons or store credit; $5 for every 500 points!

Sign up for an account by clicking the button below!

Alipay Live!

I'm delighted to announce that Alipay is now live on my website! I've been trying to get this functional for a while now and it was one of the reasons I changed my platform, so come on everyone, make it worth my while!!!!

Also seen this month...

I am so hopeless with social media. I try a bit with Instagram and Facebook, but I am aware I am a rank amateur. The whole IG stories thing has completely passed me by. But I was interested by this article by JCK news about IG's new questions sticker - that does sound like a good idea! You can normally rely on the Jewelry Editor for a bit of pricey madness, but this article on 'everyday jewelry' features pieces under £1200 and I love these mismatched tourmaline studs (left) by Melissa Joy Manning at £300 Finally, JCK news is reporting on metal + smith, a non-traditional jewelry showcase for emerging designers - there are two shows in NY and LA and it sounds amazing.


I've had a lot of questions about this and I really must apologise for not explaining the issues around accounts better. When I changed the platform, it was a case of not really knowing what was going to happen until it happened, so here is the information:

I was not able to transfer customer accounts from my old website to my new one. This means that you will have to set up a new account with a new password on the new website. This is the case for all customers using the site from end of March onwwards.

The loyalty scheme is on a separate programme and this I was able to transfer over, so you will find all of your loyalty points intact. You can use your old points scheme login and it should work fine, and the new site is picking up points correctly. I have an independent  record of all loyalty points, so if you feel that your balance is incorrect, please let me know.