We've got a haul of new gemstones for October and a super new offer for you!

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This month I have a few lovely new things; some are genuinely new and some of them are things that came to light during my stock-take - things I have had for a while but don't know why I haven't had listed - like the ruby and the tourmaline. The great thing is that I've listed all of these things at the prices that I bought them - so the prices of some of these things are several years out of date. Which is great for you customers! 

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Super 7 is becoming super-popular. That is amongst those who have heard of it! Also known as Melody stone, or the healing stone, its name comes from the fact that its quartz with 7 different minerals in it: goethite, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrocite, amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz. However, it does not always contain all 7 minerals, and in fact looks at its best, in my opinion when it is not too densely populated. These stones have lovely painterly smears of amethyst, some rutile and lepidocrocite and a bit of cacoxenite and they are beautiful. Super 7 is supposed to have amazing healing properties, so get stuck in and feel great!


I just picked these up because they were pretty. Here we have very pretty jade and mother-of-pearl carved flower beads. These are large; the mother of pearl are 60-65mm and the jade 40-50mm, and I can see them as focals, or with beads wired into the hole to make stamens. I'd really like to see how these end up so if you buy them, do send me a picture!


These are yellow-green rose cut tourmaline cabochons in 3mm and 4mm. It's not that easy to find green tourmaline in this cut and whilst they may be a bit on the yellow side, they are still very pretty and very keenly priced. 

Click the box to open it!
Click the box to open it!

These come into the category of having been sitting around for a while, but I've held the price so they are a bargain. The pictures have not rendered them all that well - they are less pink and more red. Definitely bright ruby-red with a tendency to flouresce in artificial light!


Newly listed I have some nice 5mm black diamonds. I also have a couple of 5.5mm stones, listed individually as one is quite shallow and the other is higher dome. ALL black diamond, including the existing 3mm and 4mm has been re-priced so it is a little bit less, so why not take a look at this increasingly popular stone.

Imperial Jasper Pendants

These are very nice and unusual jasper pendants. With super-highly polished flat faces and silky matte sides, they are really unusual. Here I have a long, thin brown one and a freesize pinky-brown one. I haven't quite finished with these and have a few more to list, but have these to be going on with. These are drilled widthways through the top.


I've added a bunch of new labradorite rose cut freeforms. These are the same nice quality I always have; lovely translucent body material with sparkling mica flecks and strong flash (labradorescence). I've got a great selection of big and small stones at a great price too!

Also seen this month...

It's the Goldsmith's Fair last week and this, and once again I haven't made it! Next year! Their website is full of information on exhibitors, where to buy tickets, featured jewellers and other info. It's hard to pick as there are so many amazing designs, but my friend and I are obsessed with this Josef Koppman ring (left). JCK has a couple of articles about colour trends; one looking at the Pantone colours for Spring/Summer 2019 ,and one predicting out to 2020. The first one has inspired me to get some rose cut lapis in like the picture at the top of the article - but nicer!  Finally my fave Instagram feed of the week is the Jewellery Activist (@jewelleryactivist) for all things weird and wonderful!


I've had a lot of questions about this and I really must apologise for not explaining the issues around accounts better. When I changed the platform, it was a case of not really knowing what was going to happen until it happened, so here is the information:

I was not able to transfer customer accounts from my old website to my new one. This means that you will have to set up a new account with a new password on the new website. This is the case for all customers using the site from end of March onwwards.

The loyalty scheme is on a separate programme and this I was able to transfer over, so you will find all of your loyalty points intact. You can use your old points scheme login and it should work fine, and the new site is picking up points correctly. I have an independent  record of all loyalty points, so if you feel that your balance is incorrect, please let me know.

Offer ends midnight EST on 31st October 2018, one gift per customer, offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.